What are Phantom Shares?

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February 28, 2022

Phantom stock units are tied to the value of your company’s stock and generally vest over a set period. Instead of giving unitholders the right to acquire company shares, phantom stock gives them a cash pay-out on settlement.

Depending on how the award is structured, phantom stock can vest after employees have served a set period of time (e.g., if they’ve been with the company for over one year) or when the company reaches a performance milestone, such as hitting a revenue target. Either way, vesting is a company-initiated controlled event – which allows you to pay out multiple employees at the same time.

Once phantom stock vests, the cash pay-out is equal to the full aggregate value of a stock unit in your company.

So, if an employee is issued phantom stock when your stock is valued at $10 and the award vests when your stock is valued at $50, the cash pay-out will be $50 per unit. In the same vein, if your stock’s value declines in the interim – to, say, $5 at vesting – the cash payout would be $5 per unit.

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