Listed Company Employee Equity Management Solution

Transform the way you approach global equity plans. Tailored support for listed companies to help you engage and educate employees, meet the listing requirements, and stay on top of reporting and disclosure deadlines.

CapTable Management

Equity Management

Manage your reward framework digitally and streamline the cross-border equity management

Equity Awards

Engagement and Education

Communicate the value of your company’s equity with configurable dashboards and communication tools

Friendle Bunch

Onboarding and Support

Enjoy the benefits of full-service administration from a team of seasoned equity compensation experts and financial analysts

Cultivating a team

Cross-Functional Solution

Leverage the Qapita’s platform and team to ensure your founders, company secretary and stakeholders across HR, Reward, Finance, Legal and Compliance are in sync

Due Diligence

Equity Fair Value Reports

Engage a team that delivers over 500 valuations annually to obtain fair value of your equity or cash awards in line with the appropriate financial models as per IFRS 2

ESOP Plan Design

Financial Reporting and
Disclosures Support

Unlock capacity in your finance function by leveraging Qapita platform and team to deliver audit-ready expense amortisation reports for your next reporting period

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