Take Your Employee Equity Incentive Plan Global with Confidence

Manage equity compensation compliance across borders with Tapestry's comprehensive tax, and legal, information including employee tax guides.

Global Equity Compensation Compliance Made Easy

Through our collaboration with Tapestry, Qapita can now provide our customers with the tools and resources needed to handle equity compensation compliance across borders.

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150+ Countries Supported

Extensive coverage to manage equity compensation globally.

Tax and Legal Guides for Companies

Comprehensive guides to ensure compliance across borders.

Equity Education for Employees

Empower your employees with the tax information they need to understand their equity awards.

Collaboration Services

With our collaboration, you can leverage Tapestry's state-of-the-art On Tap database, to better help you manage your schemes – no matter where your employees are.

Employee Tax Guides

Simplify global equity award taxation for employees with detailed tax guides.

Feasibility Reports

Assess the feasibility of granting awards in new countries confidently as your business expands.

Legal and Tax Reports

Access in-depth reports for a thorough understanding of global tax filing, reporting, withholding and disclosure requirements.

OnTap Database Subscriptions

Annual access to all of the above and more.

Ready to go global with confidence?

Don't go global alone. Contact us to learn how Tapestry's reports and guides, and Qapita's consulting and equity management platform offering can help your company's global equity compensation strategy. Reach out to our expert team to learn more.

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