Our Purpose

Making every equity owner count.

We are on a mission to enable distributed wealth creation from the private markets. We simplify management of ownership in companies. We make recording, trading and tracking easy, transparent and accessible for all stakeholders.

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Our story

Qapita was started by Ravi, Lakshman and Vamsee, a Banker-Investor-Technologist trio, who have known each other for a couple of decades and have followed each other’s journeys becoming good friends. Each of them comes with over 2 decades of experience in investing in startups and building products at scale.

Thus, having lived through the challenges in the private markets and with a deep understanding of how the sector operates, Ravi, Lakshman and Vamsee came together to setup Qapita and found themselves a mission to spend the second half of their careers.

Qapita seeks to build rails for the private markets by offering companies a platform of record for managing ownership, an efficient equity workflow management and a structured marketplace to offer liquidity to stakeholders. Qapita’s purpose is to make every equity owner count.

One Unified Platform. All Equity Matters.

Values that define us

Tought Love
Tough love
We demand exceptional performance.
We care about the wellbeing of our people.
Work Proud
Work Proud
Competency is our credibility.
We settle only for our best output.
Going after the complex
We play the long game.
There’s nothing we can’t solve.
Growth Mindset
Growth mindset
We don't see constraints.
We see opportunities.
Straight Forward
Transparent & straight forward
We are transparent.
We are straight shooters.
Taking complete responsibility
Just do it.
All work is our work.

Our Backers

Our Founders

Ravi Ravulaparthi
Lakshman gupta
Vamsee Mohan Kamabathula

Our Board of Directors

Wilson Cuaca
Co-founder & Managing Partner
East Ventures
Tommy Teo
Managing Director & Head of SEA
Vulcan Capital
Anvesh Ramineni
Managing Director
MassMutual Ventures
Sateesh Andra
Managing Director
Endiya Partners

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Join us on our mission as we build tech rails for the private markets.
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