Estimate fair value for meeting your accounting, tax and compliance needs.

ESOPs need to be accounted for in your financial statements. Qapita delivers valuation reports to ensure your compliance in multiple jurisdictions and across accounting standards.


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Equity is the most valuable asset your company owns. Qapita helps founders and employees make better decisions around their equity. Trusted by 1,800+ rapidly growing businesses.

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Qapita is used by companies globally to manage equity awards for employees. Attract and retain your talent using Qapita.

ESOP expense accounting simplified

IGAAP, IFRS, SFRS or any other accounting standards – we help you stay compliant with your esop expense accounting needs .

Expense Accounting
Audit Ready

Get audit-ready & cost-effective company’s share reports

We offer a comprehensive suite of valuation reports to cater for a broad range of requirements. Qapita Valuation Services team of analysts has broad experience of delivering audit-ready valuation reports.

Customize your reporting and automate your disclosures

Get employee-level, grant-level, vest-level, department-level reports. Automate your disclosures to ensure compliance requirements.

Valuation Reports