Set up your ESOP plan and issue employee grants in minutes!

QapMap is a digital platform to automate your granting, vesting and exercising your equity awards. Engage with your employees. Make every equity owner count.


Experts at your service: 1,000+ Platform Clients. 1,000+ Plans designed. 500+ Valuations done.

Qapita is used by companies globally to manage equity awards for employees. Attract and retain your talent using Qapita.

Employee engagement redefined with Qapita

Salary gets a “pay slip”. Equity compensation gets an “equity pay slip”. Engage employees with configurable dashboards. Get townhalls organised by equity management experts.

Employee Management
Audit Ready esop

Automate ESOP accounting. Be audit-ready from Day 1.

Qapita Platform automates your Equity Award accounting to your local accounting standards. Expense amortisation is no longer complex.

Customised reports and disclosures at your fingertips

Customise and automate reports as per the requirements of your local jurisdiction. Compliance and reporting of equity awards made ever-so-simple.

Customized Reports
Digitally liquidity

Digitally manage liquidity (buyback) programs

ESOPs become real for employees through liquidity. With Qapita Marketplace solutions, offer liquidity to your employees at the time of their choosing.

Monitor data access and authentication. Your employee data is safe with us. And yes, we are certified.

Being in the data management business, we treat employee data with the highest level of security and compliance. Qapita is certified with ISO 27001 and SOC2 data compliance.

Monitor Data