At Qapita, we offer Ownership.
And we don’t just mean ESOPs!

At Qapita, we help people develop into the best version of themselves and make those around them better. We see uncertainty and challenges as learning opportunities. To thrive, we adapt and execute as a collaborative and diverse cross-border team, moving towards a shared goal.

People At Qapita

The culture we embody

Cultivating a team
Cultivating an
A - team

We’re building the equivalent of a high performing sports team. Players operate at a position but not within a hierarchy. We set the right expectations and metrics that drive the right team behaviors.

Obsession Learning
Obsession with

We are constantly learning. Our teams need to be thinking about and preparing for the next big thing, be it tokens, crypto, web 3.0, so that in future we aren’t disrupted.

Freedom Work
Freedom to

Ideas can come from anywhere. Once we agree and align on the area of focus, team members have complete flexibility in how they get things done. While accountability lies squarely with the individual, direction and support is always around the corner.

Sharp Focus
Razor sharp focus
on efficiency

We have to make our customers work simple and seamless, for which we will need to pursue the design of the most efficient systems and solutions.

Open Enviroment
An open

Team Members are free to express themselves and we encourage positive debates and differences. We don’t mince our words when it comes to sharing feedback.

Friendle Bunch
We’re a friendly

We get along well with one another and are happy to chip in to help, Being a crew of like-minded people, helps with creating a strong connect.

Quick Hustle
We hustle,
We’re quick!

The stage of our business requires us to be resourceful and enterprising. We figure out how to solve problems quickly and efficiently; while ensuring we go by the book.

People Stories @ Qapita


Qapita provides many avenues of growth. Founders here are not afraid to give young people responsibilities and are intricately involved in their growth. What excites me the most about working at Qapita is the long-term hyper-growth in both the company as well as the industry.

Jax Liu
Head of Operations (SEA)

Jax joined us during the early days of Qapita and now heads Qapita’s SEA Operations. Our customers love him and he’s the go-to person in the team. He symbolises Qapita’s energy and the desire to grow fast in the organization.


What I like the most about Qapita is the energy of the Business Team, as well as the broad mindset of the leaders. The connections made with the Business Team and people around is what makes me want to stay at Qapita along with the never-give-up attitude of the leaders. 

Yaswanth Mangalagiri
Software Engineer

Yaswanth is a team player and has good problem solving skills. He is the favorite developer of the business team and is in constant touch with them to solve all their problems on time. A quick learner, he always works hard to achieve all his goals.


I get to work on multiple projects across different functions within the organisation. I have benefitted greatly from the vast experience of my colleagues. Qapita has risen tremendously in the past one year and with a great expansion plan in place, I am excited and honoured to be a part of its growth story.

Shavon Teo
Financial Analyst

Shavon joined us as a second full-time analyst based in Singapore. She is responsive and reachable almost any time. She serves existing clients continuously and helps in keeping the accounts updated. 


The best part about Qapita is having a forward thinking, supportive team and team leaders who realize employees are their greatest asset. The work you do here is more than just a task; it is important and meaningful. Everyday, we are challenged to improve and are exposed to hyper-growth.

Vinesh Satya Sai Vajje
Financial Analyst

Vinesh wears many hats at Qapita. His hat collection includes sales, onboarding, customer success, marketing as well as being our Chief Meme Officer. He has handled large and demanding customers and ensured that they have a good experience onboarding.


The best part about Qapita the flexibility to chart our own path. The culture is very flat which makes it easy to approach fellow Qapita employees for help on various issues regardless of designation. I believe in the direction and future of Qapita, and wish to continue on this journey alongside people who I admire and respect.

Evelyn Tay
Financial Analyst

Evelyn joined us as an analyst in 2021 and is a core member of the Qapita Marketplace team. Apart from managing clients' equity, she also handles our liquidity solutions for employees and equity stakeholders alike.


I love the culture and people here who are very supportive. I feel a sense of belongingness, people focus on solving things together, as a team. Qapita offers great flexibility and each individual is valued here. What more do you want when you can feel the sense of ownership, great mentorship and growth opportunities? 

Supraja Ravi
TA & People Partner

Supraja is a passionate people person who is also always up for an outing. She drives the people engagement at Qapita with great enthusiasm and makes sure no one feels left out. She always looks out for the people at Qapita.

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Our Founders

Ravi Ravulaparthi
Lakshman gupta
Vamsee Mohan Kamabathula

Our Leadership Team

We are a team that is learning all the time. We have a stake in the success of our team, our customers and our network. We want the next generation of bold start-ups to thrive.

Amit Majumder
Head of SEA & ANZ
Anish Goyal
VP Finance 
Jax Liu Jiawei
Head of Sales (SEA & ANZ) 
Pallavi Nautiyal
Global Head - Demand Gen
Prachi Worlikar
Product Head
Sandeep Kumar
Suchai Iyengar
MD & Head, Qapita Marketplace
Tanmay Shah
Sales Head (India & Middle East)
Venkata Ravi Teja Prathi
VP Engineering
Vikram Sivaraman
SVP - Global GTM
Vishnu Boorla
Senior Product Manager
People At Qapita
People At Qapita
People At QapitaDecoration
People At Qapita
People At Qapita

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