Design, conceptualise and rollout a scheme that employees and founders love!

Employees perform better and stay longer when there is skin-in-the-game. Attract and retain talent with an equity incentive scheme tailor made for your organisation.


Experts at your service: 1,000+ Platform Clients. 1,000+ Plans designed. 500+ Valuations done.

Qapita is used by companies globally to manage equity awards for employees. Attract and retain your talent using Qapita.

ESOPs, SARs, Phantom Stocks, RSUs or any other innovative scheme. We have you covered.

Our team comes with decades of experience in designing long term incentives for hundreds of public and private companies. Create a unique incentive scheme designed that stands out in the market.

Compliance Practices

Review and upgrade your schemes, grant practices and compliance

Benchmark and bring your plan in line with your strategic objectives.

Engage your employee owners with expertise on tap!

From equity pay slip implementation to employee communication best practices to organizing townhalls and webinars – we have expertise on tap!

Expertise Tap

Our Experts

At Qapita, we have seasoned consultants to assist you in designing your ESOP Policy.

Prachi Worlikar
Head – Product
CA, CPA (USA), ESOP Direct
Esha Sukthankar
Lead - ESOP Advisory
CA, CS, PwC, ESOP Direct
Amit Majumder
VP - Equity Management Product
CFA, Computer Share, Shareworks,
Morgan Stanley