Access  unique private market investment opportunities

Qapita offers a wide variety of transaction types to companies and reduces the setup and transaction overheads with a seamless integration with our equity management solution.


Benefits and Features

Opportunity to invest into top private companies

Leveraged on unique access to issuers, decades of investment banking experience, unique insights from data, we curate opportunities  for your needs
made through the complex process of secondary market investing on our platform, with our specialists ready to help you every step of the way.

You are in great company!

Over 1,000 rapidly growing companies are benefitting from Qapita platform.

How it works

  • Get an invite to sign in and open your account
  • Look at curated list of opportunities at the Marketplace
  • Evaluate and Express Interest
  • Review transaction details, Sign documents, and enter order via simple interface
  • Monitor and track the investment proceeds.