Product Updates - July 2023

1. Couple of changes related to Exercises,

  • As an admin user you will be able to Approve / Disapprove / Confirm Payment of multiple exercise requests in one go from the exercises screen.
  • The same can be accomplished from the Bulk Upload.
  • UI related to View Exercises has been enhanced.
  • Application can send reminder emails to Option Grantees to update payment details, complete exercise declaration (exercise form), acknowledge the completion of exercise process submission.

2. Within Company Profile, as an admin user you can define the time zone and all the backend jobs will run as per the time zone. Also, your employees might see a disclaimer message regarding this time zone on their Dashboard and Equity Awards screen after logging into the application.

3. Couple of changes on the vesting schedule of grants. From now,

  • User can edit the vesting schedule of a grant irrespective of the grant status and if any actions have been performed on it. Application will also send an email to notify employee user about the edit.
  • Earlier there wasn't an option to give same vest date for different tranches. From now on, you will not see that validation. Different vests can have same Vest Date. Impact related to this validation across Bulk Upload, Reports, Widgets has been taken care.
  • As an admin user you will be able to edit multiple tranches of the grant from UI and Type of Vesting will display the list of performance conditions defined in the application.

4. Admin can now update the below payment status to confirm receipt against options exercised.

  1. Payment Received
  2. Payment Not Received
  3. Payment Partially Received

5. We are displaying a disclaimer of the issuer time zone on the Employee dashboard and Equity awards screen in the employee login. This is to inform the option holder that the date and time mentioned in their account are as per issuer time zone.