Product Updates- February 2023


We integrated DocuSign (Premium digital signature solution provider) into our platform.
Note: Please reach out to our customer service to enable this feature for you on Qapita platform, so that your employees can sign their grant letters using DocuSign.

Surrender Units

If you are an admin or a custom admin, you will be able to record the surrenders and view how many units are surrendered for every grant award with vested units.

Customizable Employee Dashboard

1. You can now customize the dashboard for your employees. Here's how:
Settings -> Configurations -> Custom Dashboard -> Employee -> Edit

Image preview

2. Upon clicking on Edit, you will be able to select widgets shown below.

3. Upon completion of all the configurations, the employee dashboard will be as shown below.

Image preview

Bulk Upload of Surrender Records

As an admin user, you will now be able to record surrender requests through Bulk Upload.

Image preview

Reminder Emails

An email reminder will be sent for all the admin users having:

1. Exercise Requests that are pending for approval.

2. Performance Conditions on vesting tranches due for recognition.