Product Updates - May 2023

Spreadsheet to add Stakeholders and Transactions:

  1. As part of this enhancement, we introduced a new way to add stakeholders and transactions into the system. Application will display a screen shown below whenever users click Add Stakeholder / Add Transaction. Click on the Spreadsheet, copy paste data in your local spreadsheet and submit. Data will be processed into the system.

Push Notification on uploading the documents – Bulk Upload:

  1. This feature will make it easier for our users to track the status of their document uploads and get notified of any errors or issues that may arise.
  2. Admin Users shall receive an automated push notification in the bell icon.

If the user is navigated to other modules, he/she can still download the error spreadsheet (if any) from the notification as well.

Payment Method Configurations

Admins can now configure different types of offline payment methods which then can be used by the employees to pay their exercise and tax amount at the time of exercising their options. These configurations can be set at the company level or at the resident level as per the organization's preferences. To learn more on how to setup the payment configuration click here.

Edit SAR Award

Users will have the ability to edit a SAR Award (irrespective of grant status and actions performed on the grant) and also notify the respective Approver (if associated) and Employee.