Product Updates: Q4 - 2022


Become audit ready- Along with your expense amortization reports, you can now generate your option award disclosures as per IFRS and Ind AS at a click of a button:

  • Movement of option awards during the reporting period
  • Calculation of weighted average exercise price for options granted, exercised, cancelled, exercised, lapsed during the reporting period
  • Calculation of remaining contractual life of options
  • Back up workings for auditors

View our support article on Equity Awards - Financial Reports.

CapTable 2.0

Keeping track of the ownership and stakeholders is a daunting task for any startup. With our refreshed CapTable module, we have now added further flexibility to view and track your shareholding:

  • Group your CapTable by Rounds/ investor category-founders, employees, investors.
  • Track Current value of your investments, IRR, Multiples and much more – you can now track more than 20 data points.
  • Tailor the view of your CapTable to suit your needs - make it as simple or as complex as you want.
  • Save your CapTable views and share it with other users.
  • Download the data in your preferred format and layout.

View our support article on Managing your CapTable.


  • Configurable admin dashboard including customizable widgets for valuation journey of your company, overview of your funding rounds.
  • Download data for valuation journey and overview of your funding rounds and use them in your pitch decks.
  • You also have flexibility to exclude certain rounds from your valuation journey chart.

Data room

View and download all documents at a click of a button:

  • System generated data rooms Equity Awards, Transactions: Consolidated view to all admin users of all grant letters, share certificates on Qapita.
  • Download data rooms: Single click download of all files within the data room.
  • Notify stakeholders about updates in data rooms: Trigger emails to all stakeholders with access to the data room.

My Profile

  • Employees/ investors can now view their profile, update nominations, demat accounts (if applicable) through their personal login.
  • Flexibility for admin to decide the tabs and fields that can be viewed/ edited by employees in their profile section.
  • Addition of new custom field which will help users reconfirm data for sensitive information.

Share certificates for Transactions # Share Issuance - Equity Awards

  • We have extended the functionality to generate share certificates to Share Issuance - Equity Awards.
  • E-Signing of share certificates generated.

Extend last date of acceptance

  • As a HR personnel you might have encountered a situation where your employees forgot to accept the Granted award to them, and it gets expired. You might have reached our customer support to extend the last date of acceptance for all those awards.
  • Now you can extend last date of acceptance by yourself using our bulk upload module for all the awards with status # “Pending for Approval grants”, “Pending for Acceptance grants” & “Save as Draft grants”.

Bulk recognition of performance conditions

  • This feature allows user to recognize the performance conditions associated to multiple Grants at a time.
  • As part of this feature, team also implemented a sub-feature called # “Copy Down”.
  • Whenever the values for Recognition Date, Payout %, Achieved columns are same for multiple tranches, user can update them for all records with a single click.

Exercise and Surrender Forms

  • Configure setting to enable form generation while exercising or surrendering forms:
  • Create a template with a document that highlights the rights / terms & conditions to employee before submitting the exercise / surrender request. This feature is configuration driven and for all the existing issuers it will be in disabled state.
  • Exercise/ surrender form will be displayed to the user in the exercise workflow.