Product Updates: Q3 -2022

Configurable Admin dashboard

  • The brand-new dashboard allows admin to configure it by clicking on the settings icon on right and select from the list of templates like Journey of the firm, Overview of funding rounds, Quick actions etc.,

SAR Award Settlements

  • Allows users with administrator role to create settlements for vested units of SAR Awards.
  • User can record multiple settlements against each award.

Create Vesting schedule for Grants

  • Preview functionality while creating or editing a vesting template.
  • Ability to Edit the Vesting and Exercise Period Template at Grant level.
  • Ability to add a vesting schedule for each grant by configuring parameters.

View Award screen

  • Status of each vest displayed on the vesting schedule.
  • On hovering the number under Granted column at tranche level, application will display details of options lapsed, exercised, share issued.
  • Included new fields.
    a. Options Lapsed in Option View Award screen.
    b. Shares Issued on Shares View Award screen.

Plan level setting to display documents for each grant

  • Admin user will have the ability to upload set of documents at a plan level.
  • Configuration to decide whether a Document uploaded at plan should be reflected in Awards or not.

Bulk upload

Bulk upload support added for:

  • Option Awards – Support for Approver & Awardee Acceptance flows, Performance Conditions.
  • Share Awards.
  • SAR Awards.
  • Record Exercises.
  • Fair Value – Financial Reports.