Product Updates: Q2 - 2022


As an administrator, you can now generate different types of reports for Option Awards, Share Awards and CapTable.

  • Transaction Report (CapTable)
  • CapTable with ESOP Holdings (CapTable)
  • Award Acceptance status report (Equity Awards)
  • Form SH6 (As per Rule 12 of Companies Act: Required for unlisted companies in India) (Equity Awards)
  • Equity Available Report (Equity Awards)
  • Exercise Report with details of payment (Equity Awards)

View our support article on Reports in QapMap.

Share Certificates

  • This feature allows clients to generate a share certificate by defining a template of their choice.
  • The generated share certificate has to be e-signed by two authorized personnel of the company.
  • This feature eliminates the entire process of printing, signing and posting the share certificates offline to stakeholders and saves a lot of time.

Enhancement in separation rules for Option awards

  • Ability to configure different separation rules based on tenure of employee with the company.
  • If commencement date is not entered in stakeholder form, default rule configured shall be applied for separation.

Enhancement while marking separations for stakeholders

  • You can now transfer account to personal email id of the employee: Existing account will be deactivated, and user will receive an email on personal email id for creating a new account.
  • Alternatively, you can also deactivate account of employee on marking separation.

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