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Rajendra P. Natekar

In ‘ESOP Direct’ we got the right partner to implement our ESPS Scheme, the first of its kind in India, where a PSU issued shares to over eight thousand employees across multiple locations. The project ran for over nine months and they stood with us at every moment – from plan design, approvals and implementation. The plan got more than 90% employee participation and ESOP Direct’s efficient service delivery and value addition had a big role in this success.

Rajendra P. Natekar


Executive Director (Planning and Corporate Affairs)
Ginu Nair

In Qapita, we have found a partner that supports us with all aspects related to ESOPs from plan review to employee education. It is extremely important for us that our team members understand the nuances of our equity scheme, are constantly engaged, and value their ownership at Zetwerk. Qapita's platform and their interactive employee sessions on communicating ESOPs effectively to our employees have been very helpful. A hyper growth startup like Zetwerk which believes in wealth creation for our employees, needs solutions that scale and Qapita has been the right fit for us.

Ginu Nair


Vice-President: Human Resources
Manhar Kapoor

“ESOP Direct has been a very competent consultant to us and we are happy to rely on them. We needed someone to analyze our existing stock option instrument. They conducted a feasibility study, correlated their findings with company objectives and came up with their recommendations. A dependable ally to have, is what I’d say.”

Manhar Kapoor

Eicher Motors

General Counsel and Company Secretary
Ankur Sharma

Qapita has saved my team an enormous amount of time and effort. They have helped us effectively manage our ESOPs all-digitally as well as organize our Captable. We have received many positive reviews from our employees. The user interface is great and gives us and the employees great visibility at a click of a button. Onboarding was smooth as the team at Qapita is very well informed and was patient with us as we gathered all the required documents and signatures.

Ankur Sharma


Chief Financial Officer
Mona Cherian

We entrusted ESOP Direct with our complete Plan administration. We are glad our scheme is being handled by highly experienced people, especially as our employees are spread far and wide across India and it is a complex process to manage a Plan and issue grant letters to multiple locations. I wish ESOP Direct every success.

Mona Cherian

Thomas Cook

President and Group Head Human Resources
Daniel Song

Qapita is an excellent platform. We have used them since Series C to the current Series D. Qapita has just the right services that we need and much more cost-effective. Their team is also very helpful and responsive.

Daniel Song


General Counsel
Prashant Kumar

Qapita has helped us in drastically improving our employee engagement on our ESOP front. Our employees really appreciate the transparency and user interface that they have access to, especially the clarity that the product provides on their respective vesting schedules. The equity payslips and valuation slider are really useful and have drastically improved our employee experience.

Prashant Kumar


Aquibur Rahman

Qapita is one of the easiest equity management tools with one of the best support teams in the market. They not only helped us in using the platform to its full potential but also extended help in handling all the legal compliance matters related to our employee equity plan. Even after you exhaust the startup plan, their plans are quite cost-effective. Highly Recommended.

Aquibur Rahman


CEO & Founder

Our Solutions

Qapita Platform helps companies digitally manage CapTables and ESOP programs.
Qapita Marketplace provides solutions for Shareholder and Employee liquidity.

CapTable Management
Manage all your stakeholders, securities & transactions easily.
Equity Awards
Equity Awards &
Employee Engagement
Create plans, grant ESOPs easily and digitally.
ESOP Plan Design
One stop advisory and administration platform.
Valuations Accounting
Valuations &
Fair valuations & accounting of ESOP expense. Be audit ready.
Liquidity Buyback
Liquidity - Buyback
Programs & Secondaries
Solutions to monetise ownership in private companies.
Board &
Investor Management
Reporting and governance solutions. Shareholder engagement.

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