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2,400+ Global Companies trust Qapita with comprehensive equity management- from cap table and employee equity to 409A valuations and financial reporting.

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Full-Stack Equity Platform + Service Provider

Qapita supports all your equity needs from structuring plans to managing cap tables, ESOPs, valuations and more.

Flexible 409A Valuations by Experts

Stop dealing with rigid valuation platforms. Get flexible, optimized 409A valuations instantly from our trusted team of experts.

Human-Powered Global Support, 24/7

Qapita’s 24/7 expert support offers hands-on onboarding, employee engagement, and prompt issue resolution across time zones.

Fully Managed Equity Service

Lighten your workload. Our 45+ dedicated team seamlessly handles cap table updates, equity reporting and more-freeing you up to focus on key priorities.

Global Expertise, Local Solutions

Support your global teams with tailored solutions for reporting, taxation, and equity exercises across 150+ countries.

Enterprise-Grade: ISO 27001, SOC2, and GDPR Certified

Your data, our priority. We guard it with the highest level of security and compliance

Transparent Pricing Edge

No hidden surprises! Experience unmatched transparency with Qapita's pricing model, avoiding unexpected spikes.

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Equity Governance

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Equity Plan Design
Employee Tax Guides
Full-Service Valuation Reports

Employee Experience

Configurable Dashboard
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Aquibur Rahman

Qapita is one of the easiest equity management tools with one of the best support teams in the market. They not only helped us in using the platform to its full potential but also extended help in handling all the legal compliance matters related to our employee equity plan.

Aquibur Rahman


CEO & Founder
Gaurang Shah

Great team! Handheld us as we went through several iterations to get our team onboarded. Super easy to use. Very cost effective. Strongly recommend this to alternatives.

Gaurang Shah

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