QapFund - One unified SaaS platform for all the needs of Alternate Investment Funds.

An exclusive platform tailored for Funds to centralize their information and get a holistic view of LP commitments & Portfolio returns.

LP Management

Simplify the process of sending capital call notices. Automatically allocate Subscription Units upon reconciling receipts and more, streamlining fund management tasks efficiently.

Digital Onboarding

Offer frictionless digital onboarding for new LPs, expediting processes and ensuring a smooth start to partnerships.

Commitment Information

Maintain a single source of truth for LP commitment data, handling transfers and LP exits within a few clicks.

Capital Calls

Effortlessly initiate and track capital calls, ensuring a seamless process for gathering committed funds from limited partners.

Reminders for Open Notices

Streamline capital calls with automated due date notifications to LPs and hassle-free one-click reminders for unfulfilled calls.

Receipts & Unit Allotments

Streamline receipts & automatically allocate subscription units to LPs based on received capital.

NAV Statements

Generate comprehensive net asset value statements, fostering transparency and keeping LPs well-informed about their fund's performance.

LP Portal

Provide limited partners with a secure, mobile friendly portal for accessing all the necessary information.

Return Metrics

Gain real-time insights into fund performance with accurate metrics like IRR% and multiples for in-depth analysis.

Portfolio Management

Access a comprehensive snapshot of your entire portfolio effortlessly, including real-time return metrics such as TVPI, RVPI, IRR%, and Multiples across portfolio, fund, and firm levels.

Real Time IRR%, Multiples Based on Latest Valuation Reports

Gain instant visibility into portfolio performance with real-time IRR%, multiples, and return metrics calculated from the latest valuation data.

MIS Data of Portfolio Companies

Keep your finger on the pulse with comprehensive management information system data across all portfolio companies.

NAV Data of Fund

Access the fund's up-to-date net asset value data for in-depth analysis and informed investment decision-making.

Automatic Reminders to Company Contacts

Never miss a beat with automated reminders ensuring timely follow-ups with key contacts at your portfolio firms.


Enhance collaboration between your teams with an accurate, consistent and centralized data management.

For Fund Managers

  • Gain insights into your portfolio with a single source of truth for comprehensive, up-to-date LP and portfolio data.
  • Minimize the time you spend on back-office operations.
  • Maximize the time you spend on deal making and analyzing portfolio data.
  • Enhance your LP relationships by offering timely reports on Fund Performance, NAV, and other LP specific queries.

For Fund Administrators

  • Eliminate the hassle of managing client data on Excel and managing multiple versions.
  • Ensure your GPs stay well-informed regarding the status of capital calls.
  • Streamline the allocation of fees and expenses across LPs with a few simple clicks.
  • Seamlessly integrate your Accounting Software with our application.

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