Monetize your private market assets without hassle

Whether you are an angel investor, and institution or an employee with equity, Qapita marketplace helps you unlock the value of your private equity.


Benefits and Features

Assist with advanced matching algorithms

Assisted with advanced matching algorithms, zero-in in on potential investor(s) quickly and sell your equity with ease. Our Deal Managers guide you through entire complex transaction process and work with the company  directly to complete your sale. Track & monitor the entire process on our intuitive digital platform from onboarding to receiving the investment commitments and ensure final sale proceeds.

You are in great company!

Over 1,000 rapidly growing companies are benefitting from Qapita platform.

How it works

  • Get an invite to sign in and open your account
  • Enlist your opportunities at the Marketplace
  • Our Deal Managers work with you and company directly to put the block on sale.
  • Assisted with advanced algorithms find the perfect match.
  • Review details, Sign documents, and guarantee Investment commitments via simple and intuitive interface.
  • Monitor and track the Transaction till the final proceeds of the sale.